HumanTrak Test: Shoulder Internal/External Rotation Protocol

Test description and protocols:

Starting Position
  • Normal standing posture
  • Shoulder in 90° abduction and elbow in 90° flexion


  1. Ensure the individual is standing in the middle of the position circle.
  2. Have the individual stand straight with the required shoulder in 90° abduction and elbow in 90° flexion so that shoulder rotation is neutral.
  3. Click [Capture] on the required side and have the individual move as far into shoulder internal rotation as they can, and then into shoulder external rotation as far as possible. Ensure the shoulder remains in abduction and the elbow remains in flexion throughout the movement. Complete a total of 3 repetitions. Click [Stop] once the assessment is complete.
  4. Complete on the other side.
  5. Review instant results on right-hand side of screen.

Note: This assessment can be completed with a practitioner standing behind the individual to stabilise and maintain the scapula and elbow positioning.

Repetitions 3 of each movement on each side
Instant Results
  • Shoulder internal/external rotation ROM (peak)
  • Shoulder balance (peak)
  • Head tilt (peak)
  • Spine tilt (peak)