HumanTrak Test: Shoulder Flexion/Extension Protocol

Test description and protocols:

Starting Position
  • Normal standing posture
  • Arms relaxed


  1. Ensure the individual is standing in the middle of the position circle. 
  2. Have the individual stand straight with arms by their sides. 
  3. Click [Capture] on the required side and have the individual keep a straight arm and flex their shoulder as far as possible, and then extend their shoulder as far as possible. Complete a total of 3 repetitions. Click [Stop] once the assessment is complete.
  4. Complete on the other side.
  5. Review instant results on right-hand side of screen.
Repetitions 3 of each movement on each side
Instant Results
  • Shoulder flexion/extension ROM (peak)
  • Shoulder balance (peak)
  • Spine tilt (peak)
  • Head tilt (peak)