Creating, Editing and Deleting Athletes.

After logging into the Vald Hub from the dashboard on the left-hand side navigate to the “Athletes” tab

Please click the add athlete button, following this you will be brought to the athlete creation screen.

Please enter the information as necessary. *Please note* the date of birth can either be entered manually or using the drop down provided.

If athletes do not belong to a group, they will appear in the ‘ungrouped’ area within the ForceFrame or NordBord application.

To go back and edit an athlete, within the Athlete tab, select “Actions” on the right-hand side.

This will take you to the edit athlete screen, where the athlete’s details can be changed.

To delete an athlete, within the athlete tab, click action on the right-hand side and select delete. After selecting this, to confirm the deletion please fill out the text in red and select delete. Please note deleting an athlete will also remove that specified athlete's test data.

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