Video Recording Feature

The Video Recording feature in HumanTrak enables you to record raw video for each test session. 

Each video recording is stored on the HumanTrak laptop and can be viewed on the laptop, or export via a USB. 

To use the video feature, it must be enabled prior to commencing a test session.

To enable the video recording feature:

  1. Go to the Settings Cog
  2. Select Application Settings
  3. Next to Video Recording, select ON

To view a video recording:

A video recording can be viewed from an individuals Profile Summary.

You can access a Profile Summary by either:

  • Selecting a particular profile; or
  • Directly after recording a training session

To view a video recording from a Profile Summary:

  1. Click on the Report Icon, located on the right of the Profile Summary screen
  2. Click on the report you wish to view
  3. Click Data/Videos
  4. Open the video files to view
  5. Note: Do not change the file names or folders of video files on the HumanTrak laptop. Save these files to a USB and save elsewhere to rename.