Custom Categories

HumanTrak's Custom Categories allows for categories of assessments to be created by the user.

Categories refer to the groupings of assessments currently in the Assessment Mode of HumanTrak.

Custom assessment categories can be created that have selected tests, meaning any given test battery can be made (within the scope of HumanTrak assessments).

To create a custom category, select the option button in the top right corner of the screen from the Summary or Profile pages.
From the pop-up window, select ‘Create New Category’
Choose a name for the category and select the tests to be included. You can change the order of the tests as needed.
Once completed, click ‘Save’ next to the naming bar. Click ‘Save & Close’ from the bottom of the settings menu.
Once the category has been saved, it will appear in the Assessment Mode at the top of the categories list.
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