Import Athletes from a CSV

The ability to import Athletes from a CSV file can save time by importing in bulk rather than individually creating Athlete profiles. The process requires specific steps to be followed:

  • Create a new Excel sheet (image below) with the first column titled "Name" and enter full names of all the athletes you wish to import into ForceDecks. This "Name" column is the only mandatory field for importing athletes into the system.
    • If you wish to add more attributes, create a new column with the title of the attribute you wish to add. Examples of attributes might be: 
      • Age
      • Gender
      • Height
      • Weight
      • Team
      • Athlete ID

  • Once you have populated the spreadsheet, save it as a CSV file (It is important that you save this as a CSV file and not as an XLS or XLSX file).
  • Launch the ForceDecks app, and on the home screen, click on the "Import Athletes from File" as highlighted below and click "Open".
  • If the import is successful, you should then receive a message stating "Athlete Import Success" with a list and count of all the athletes imported.

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