How to activate your ForceDecks software

Activating your ForceDecks software requires the use of both Licence Keys and Activation Codes. License Keys are machine-specific, and Activation Codes activate a specific License Key. For this reason, you will require a different Activation Code and will need to go through the below process for each different computer that you have installed ForceDecks on.

In order to activate your ForceDecks software, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log into your ForceDecks software and click Options then Credentials in the top right corner.Step 2: Click ‘Activation’ and your Licence Key will be shown.Step 3: Copy the Licence Key and email it to 4: Once you receive an email reply containing your Activation Code, copy and paste it into the box shown above and click connect.

After following these steps, your ForceDecks software should now be activated. If there were any problems during this process, please email for help.

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