ForceDecks not being detected by computer

If your ForceDecks hardware (FD4000, FDLite, PASCO, Bertec, Kistler or AMTI) are not detected by the ForceDecks or ForceDecks Jump app, you may receive an error such as the one below, saying " No Platforms Detected".  There could be one of several things preventing this from happening.

Issue 1
Multiple apps open simultaneously
If both ForceDecks and ForceDecks Jump are open at the same time (or multiple instances of one app), the software can at times fail to detect hardware, as the USB port is being accessed already.  Try closing both apps, then reopening one and trying again.
Issue 2
Power adapter not connected properly
The ForceDecks wall charger comes with interchangeable adaptors for different countries.  These adaptors can sometimes not fully "click" into place, resulting in the platforms not receiving any power.  Check the adaptor is fully "clicked" into place, and try again.
Issue 3
Drivers not installed correctly
If hardware is not detected, it is possible the device drivers may not have been installed, or may have failed to install.  Open your setup email you received from Vald Performance, download the drivers again and try installing them, then open either the ForceDecks or ForceDecks Jump app and try again.

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