ForceDecks Tests: Countermovement Jump Protocol

The Countermovement Jump (CMJ) test is the most popular and most powerful ForceDecks test, commonly used as a test for performance, neuromuscular fatigue and readiness, just to name a few.

Test description and protocols

Starting Position
  • Normal standing posture
  • Hands on hips (if unweighted) or hands on barbell (if weighted)
  1. Zero platforms
  2. Ask Athlete to assume starting position
  3. Weigh Athlete
  4. Click Start Recording
  5. Ensure Athlete is completely stable before and between each rep
  6. Perform 3 countermovement jumps, keeping the hands on the hips at all times and pausing for 2-3 seconds between each rep
  7. Click Finish Recording
  8. Review that reps and test type have been detected correctly (if not, you can change test type and/or manually select trial ranges)
  9. Click Analyse and Save (to move directly to next athlete) or click Analyse (to review results)
Reps 1 - 100 reps
Default Instant Results
  • Eccentric Peak Velocity [m/s]
  • Jump Height (Flight Time) in Inches [in]
  • Eccentric Duration [ms]
  • Concentric Duration [ms]
  • Concentric Mean Force Asymmetry [% L,R]
  • Eccentric Mean Force Asymmetry [% L,R]
  • Takeoff Peak Force Asymmetry [% L,R]
  • Peak Landing Force Asymmetry [% L,R]

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