Configuring Your Auto Test Export Folder

Prior to any testing, it is important to set up the Auto Test Export Folder.  This ensures that all data is backed up with raw .csv (excel) force-time data files. Once this folder has been set up, the system will create a sub-folder for each athlete you test. You may wish to back these folders up occasionally. 

(optional) Create a folder for these exports in a suitable location on your computer
Click on Settings 
Click on the box to the side of Auto Test Export Folder 
Search for folder you wish to export your results to, click on the folder, then click OK  
Double check that the right folder has been set – the title will now appear when you return to Settings
Note: At some institutions, IT Administrators may place a limit on the size of certain folders – if that is the case and the folder you have selected is full, you will not be able to save any more tests. If this occurs, just create a second Auto Test Export Folder and re-title the first folder.

Now that you have created the overall folder, each time you test a new athlete a folder with their name will appear within the overall folder and each time you test that athlete, a .csv file for each test recording will automatically be added to their folder. 

These files can be exported and visualised or analysed using other software. In addition, these are the files that you will need to send ForceDecks if there has been issue with data or we are reanalysing data that you have generated. 

When you upload a ForceDecks software update or a system update (i.e. Windows) check that this folder is still showing in the dialogue box.

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